Bioresorb Macro Pore

Bioresorb« Macro Pore (MP)

Helps create bone

Non-autogenous bone replacement materials for guided bone regeneration find increasing acceptance.

A bone regeneration material should have several properties that will allow him to serve as an ideal foundation for bone regeneration. Among these properties are biological activity and an osteoconductive as well as osteoinductive function.

Bioresorb« Macro Pore combines all requirements of a new generation of synthetic augmentation materials. By a new patented manufacturing process of Oraltronics«, a porous material, bioresorbable ß-Tricalcium Phosphate has been produced. The interconnecting macro and micro pores system serves as matrix for the entrance of osteogenic cells and allows accelerated osteoconductive integration.
The phase purity (>99%) provides a stable structure and a homogeneous solubility under physiological conditions.

With Bioresorb« Macro Pore the capillary function is improved and a much larger surface can be soaked with more blood particles and cells of osteogenous potential. The pore structure allows more room for vascularization and provides an improved nutrition of the regenerative material. The considerably large surface offers more contact for cellular resorption resulting in a shorter resorption time, so the simultaneous process of resorption and a new bone growth is achieved. Final resorption without remnants in a predictable period of time is guaranteed.

The optimal biocompatibility of Bioresorb« Macro Pore eliminates the risk of unspecific immunologic reaction.

Bioresorb« Macro Pore properties and advantages:

  • Macro and micro pores.
  • Interconnecting porosity.
  • Optimized osteoconductivity.
  • High stability in granule structure.
  • Reduced bone regeneration time.
  • Complete resorption (100%).

The regeneration process is non-linear and it depends on the defect size. With an increasing defect size the pace of bone regeneration decreases. This is compensated by four different granule sizes available for periodontal and alveolar defects, small, medium and large cysts (200-500 Ám / 500-1,000 Ám / 1,000-2,000 Ám / 1,400-3,200 Ám).

Bioresorb« Macro Pore Similar to natural bone

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