Megalotect / Cytotect - contains specific antibodies (mainly IgG) against the human Cytomegalovirus.

Human CMV belongs to the herpes group of viruses.
CMV can progress to symptomatic disease. To date there are no diagnostic parameters, which enable the clinical course of CMV disease to be predicted with any certainty. The severity of the infection can vary.

Congenital Infection

The virus transmission is through placental transfer from maternal blood. Symptoms: Microcephalia, intracerebral sclerosis, chorioretinitis, cerebral seizures, mental retardation, hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, interstitial pneumonia, thrombocytopenia with petechiae or purpura. Many of these children die immediately after birth or have to be institutionalized.

Acquired infection

In Newborns

Perinatally by aspiration of CMV infected cervical secretions, postnatally via mother's milk, iatrogenically via blood transfusion.

In Children

Droplet infection of the upper respiratory tract which usually progresses asymptomatically.

Adolescents and adults


Generally primary infection occurs in the first and second trimester. A primary infection is dangerous for the fetus, and can progress to severe disease in the newborn. Reactivation usually occurs in the second and third trimester. As a rule, the prognosis for new borns is far more favorable because the mother has protective CMV neutralizing antibodies.

Immunosuppressed patients

These patients have high risk of CMV infection mostly through blood transfusion.

AIDS patients

Many of them are permanent carriers. CMV symptoms correlate with the progression of AIDS.

Prophylaxis and treatment of CMV infection

The purpose of prophylactic and therapeutic treatment is to prevent or to stop the start of active virus replication. Immunomodulatory effects must be regulated.
Megalotect is an intravenous human hyperimmune globulin G preparation. As a CMV antibody enriched immunoglobulin it contains a defined high filter of neutralizing antibodies to the human CMV. The protective antibodies present in Megalotect neutralize free viruses and prevent cell-bound viruses from spreading.

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